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Is your hair line receding? Do you see your hair filling your sink each morning? Are you no longer able to create those hip styles because your hair is so thin? Aging, menopause, stress, illness, pregnancy, and rapid weight loss can all contribute to the loss and thinning of hair. SOLUTION. There is a cure. The process can be reversed as you can see above. In fact, millions, world wide have taken advantage of the power of dHt inhibition (which in most cases hormonal activity is the cause of hair loss) utilizing the power of natural herbal inhibitors like serenoa repens and hair growth stimulators like rosemary. With various herbs that help improve thickness and elasticity, the user will achieve hair regrowth, hair thickening, and a more youthful appearance. This occurs in both men and women, as shown above. HEAVEN SENT HAIR GROW PRODUCTS EMPLOY THE MOST POWERFUL HERBAL EXTRACTS AND OILS KNOWN TO INCREASE HAIR GROWTH AND THICKNESS. "CLICK" on each product below to find out more about its ingredients and recommended uses. Heaven Sent Hair Grow is very unique in that it accommodates all different hair types. The ELIXIR is especially good for natural styles in that it is an all natural lightweight oil combination that can be applied with the twist tip applicator. The BUTTER works well for those with curly or wavy hair that desire a little more control. The SOLUTION is a non oily formula designed for naturally straight hair or hair that is very sparse. Whatever the type of hair you hair, we have the hair growing product for you. We also address natural style hair care with shampoo, conditioner, a daily Moisturizer and a Curl Mix. Please check it out below. Info can be downloaded on the description page of each product.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed. If not satisfied simply contact us at or call 757-949-3297. We will gladly refund the first bottle of the ordered item, no questions asked. However, feedback is always appreciated. Please include name and phone number used in the order. We will contact you if anything else is needed. Most deliveries will be made by UPS or USPS. Shipping is free. Products arrive ofter next day, but expect a 3 to 5 day window.
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Just click on each product for more info. You will find just what you need for hair growth and maintaining natural styles. If you don't, just call (757-9493297) or email ( The background photo is a 32 year old male who experienced phenomenal hair regrowth in 2 months. Even the "baby hair" filled in.

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