Heaven Sent Hair Grow and Herbals

In 1997 I began a radio program called "The Drug Doctor."  As a pharmacist and chemist, I decided to discuss herbs. In this path, I met a gorgeous couple who wanted me to work with them.  The wife explained that she had been in poor health and had lost her hair which would not grow back. Now the picture of health, I asked God to show me how to help her (ergo "Heaven Sent").  My pharmacy journals featured discoveries about the chemical mechanism of hair loss soon after.  Having made herbs my specialty, I knew of herbs that could interfere with the cause of hair loss (that being dihydrotestosterone conversion). I designed a product for hair application that might work.  Family saw this and grabbed jars for their friends.  Within weeks, reports of hair regrowth came in. As time went on, I refined the formula and have been selling my products ever since.  Click on each hair product to see before and after photos!  Check out the other products.  FREE SHIPPING!

This is the customer's hair before using Heaven Sent Hair Grow Solution.


Rosemila's Hair Salon
Greenacres, Florida

This is the same customer 6 months after using product, Heaven Sent Hair Grow Solution-.

Rosemila's Hair Salon
Green Acres, Florida

Leni Gray

Owner, Doctor of Pharmacy

We have been regrowing hair since 1997.  View some of our before and afters below above each listed items profile description.  We have strived to provide product that is healing to the roots, enriching to the hair's natural texture and stimulating to overall hair growth.